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Is Being Overwhelmed the New Normal? It Doesn't Have to Be!

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This may seem like a dumb question, but aren't most moms overwhelmed? I mean we all have 6.53 million things on our to-do list everyday all while keeping little humans alive. As a chronically overwhelmed mom of two myself, I can say without a doubt, this has been one of my biggest challenges of motherhood. The balancing act is a real struggle sometimes! As a perinatal certified licensed therapist, this also has been the #1 trigger for most moms struggling with anxiety. Knowing this and battling with anxiety myself, I decided to create a hands-on e-book with tried-and-true effective strategies I use with my clients and in my everyday life to calm the anxiety beast and lower those overwhelmed feelings. Want to know more? See below!

What is it:

•A jam-packed cross between an e-guide and an e-book with therapeutic techniques, tips, & skills (from a licensed therapist & mama of 2) to help you go from Frazzled Mess to Flourishing Sucess! 

-Want to know how to create YOUR own self-care plan?

-Learn an easy mindfulness trick when overwhelmed?

-Understand the easiest way to create lists that you will ACTUALLY stick to?


 Why do it: 

•Convenient (for time-pressed mamas) & Cost-Effective (only $15)- if the cost of therapy gives you the financial heebie jeebies…You get more than 8 psychoeducational sessions worth of knowledge for less than the cost of one! 


How do I get it: 

Click the link below.


 When do I get it: 

The e-book will come straight to your inbox immediately after purchasing. 

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