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My Memphis Therapist
Counseling & Consulting, LLC 

In Person & Tele-health Mental Health Individual Therapy & Counseling Services for Children and Adults. 


From Left to Right 

-Hollie Owens, LPC-MHSP

-Laura Jones, MFT (Temp)

-Savannah Burton, LPC-MHSP, PMH-C

-Ashley Nott, LMSC

-Madeline Martino, LPC-MHSP (Temp)

Let us help you get back on track
Therapy Sessions

Your Story Matters.

Getting Help

 Let us empower you to help you live your best life and find your authentic self. Therapy will help you move forward in a safe space.  We look forward to helping you reach your personal goals of growth and healing. 


-Anxiety, ADHD, & Depression


Marriage and Family Therapy

(Laura only)


Women's Wellness including: Postpartum Depression, PMDD,  Body Image Issues & Women Athletes


Everyday Stressors & Self-care Improvement


Play Therapy for ages 5yrs and up 

(Madeline only)

Savannah is amazing! Early 2020 I was struggling with setting up boundaries with my mother who is very codependent and managing my anxiety. I found Savannah and started seeing her weekly to bi-weekly to monthly now. Savannah helped set up the foundation for success. My anxiety is under control and very manageable now more than ever. My relationship with my mother is still a work in progress , but is much better since seeing Savannah.

-Female client, age 31

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